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Cancellation & Refund Policy


Products once delivered cannot be returned except in case of delivery of an incorrect or damaged Product, in which case we will accept the return.

Any delivery of incorrect product should be intimated to us through our customer service, within 24 hours of delivery. You can also email us at Sales@CrackersGuru.com

In case of a product return, you must send the incorrect product to Us within 7 days from the date of delivery to you, and a refund of the payment made will be processed, as mentioned herein below.


You can cancel the order within 5 hours of checkout. Please call our customer service phone # to cancel the order.

In the unlikely event of any error in product description or price on the SITE or a Product going out of stock after receipt of an order, CRACKERSGURU reserves the right to cancel an order. Upon any such cancellation, we shall intimate You within 2 business days.


Refunds shall be processed within 14 business days from:

  1.  The date of receiving the returned product in accordance with the conditions mentioned herein, for product returns ; and
  2.  The date of cancellation of an Order, for order cancellations.

Refunds shall be processed in the same mode in which the original payment was made.

Shipping charges shall be refunded only in cases where an incorrect product was delivered.

No Refunds shall be processed in the following cases:

  1.  The conditions of return mentioned herein are not met.
  2.  Unable to make delivery after 3 attempts .
  3.  If the recipient refuses to accept the delivery.
  4.  An incorrect delivery address was provided while placing the order.